The Theoretical Statistics and Mathematics Division is among the most renowned centers of research in Mathematics & Statistics in India. We have researchers in various fields of Mathematical Sciences as well as Statistics (details can be found in the webpages of individual centres). The Units of the Division are vibrant with large number of seminars, workshops, conferences held every year. Researchers from across the world visit us to give seminars and to collaborate with our researchers.

The division has a glorious tradition when it comes to contributing to the knowledge base in Statistics and Mathematics. In various surveys of mathematics research done in India, the Indian Statistical Institute is among the top institutions and the Division is a major contributor to this.

Sankhya is a quarterly peer-reviewed scientific journal on statistics published by the Indian Statistical Institute. It was established in 1933. Each volume of Sankhya consists of four issues, two of them are in Series A, containing articles on theoretical statistics, probability theory, and stochastic processes, whereas the other two issues form Series B, containing articles on applied statistics, i.e. applied probability, applied stochastic processes, econometrics, and statistical computing. Further, our faculty members are also involved in editorial work of other premier research journals from India as well as several other international journals. Rajarama Bhat is the chief editor of Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences (Mathematical Sciences) and Ritabrata Munshi is the chief editor of Journal of the Ramanujan Mathematical Society.

Several of our researchers are members of premier higher education bodies like NBHM, and are resource persons for various scientific and educational activities of government agencies such as DST, and play a crucial role in implementation of various schemes to promote science in India.